YouTube Branding: Lower Third Tips and Templates

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With the amount of content that gets uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis (according to Statista, as of 2015, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute), it’s imperative that you brand your videos effectively.

To do that, you should use every tool at your disposal. For example, dynamic, compelling, and eye-catching lower thirds can add value to your video, deliver information your viewers need to know, and further reinforce your brand online.

But let’s back up a bit. In case you don’t know what a lower third is, it’s a graphic that appears on the lower third portion of a screen (though this isn’t a requirement). It can be animated, have shading, make use of images, be transparent, and much more.

Lower thirds are commonly employed to provide more information about something appearing on the video at that moment. In your YouTube videos, you can use lower thirds to introduce a person, place, or situation, explain steps in a tutorial, describe the image, present a new section, and so on.

Of course, the length, appearance, and other characteristics of your lower thirds will depend on the content you’re producing and the brand you’re trying to create. Whatever use you want to give them, below you’ll find lower third templates from Envato Market that can add that extra something you’re searching for in your videos and online brand.

Simple Colorful Lower Thirds

A cool way to present extra information during your videos is to use this simple, colorful template. It includes 14 different lower thirds in a minimal, corporate, but colorful style.

Clean Lower Thirds

If you want an even more minimal design, opt for this clean alternative. You can change its colors and overall appearance easily, and there are no plugins required.

clean lower thirds

Technology Lower Thirds

To give your channel and videos a techy vibe, look, and feel, make use of these colorful and dynamic banners.

technology lower thirds

Vector Lower Thirds

For a Full HD lower thirds package that includes three different styles of beautiful vector banners, go for the vector lower thirds option!

vector lower thirds

Wavy Reveal Lower Thirds

Get a funkier banner for your videos with this one! It is fully editable and even comes with a helpful video tutorial.

wavy reveal lower thirds

Incredible FCPX Lower Thirds

Final Cut Pro X can make creating visual projects incredibly easy. If you like working with it, give this template a try.

incredible fcpx lower thirds

Elegant Lower Thirds

To give your YouTube content the right elegance and style, download and customize this modern, simple, and clean template.

elegant lower thirds

Modern Lower Thirds

A young, energetic lower third template can make your channel, content, and brand seem a lot more modern. Check out this fully customizable banner if that’s what you’re aiming for.

modern lower thirds

Sketch Style Lower Thirds

Cool, creative, and stylish are just three of the adjectives that describe this next example. Download it to try it out!

sketch style lower thirds

Viral Video Lower Thirds

It should go without saying that if you’re creating YouTube videos, it’s probably because you want them to go viral. So why not make use of a lower third that has ‘viral’ written all over it?

viral video lower thirds

Minimal Lower Thirds

Sometimes, less is more. In this case, you can use the Minimal Lower Thirds template to give your videos a clean, classy, and cool vibe without going over the top with it.

Minimal Lower Thirds

Social Media Lower Thirds

As you must be aware, social media plays a huge role in your online presence. To remind your viewers where they can find you and those featured in your videos, employ these banners.

social media lower thirds

Two-Line Lower Third

There are other times in which one line just isn’t enough. To take full advantage of your screen, use this template to add pertinent information to your videos.

two line lower thirds

Professional Lower Thirds

Don’t be dissuaded by this banner’s name; it’s professional, no doubt, but it’s not boring or too serious. It is ideal if you’re searching for a modern, sleek title.

professional lower thirds

Musical Lower Thirds

Last but not least, if your YouTube content is related to music, this next option is perfect for you, as it will give your videos a more musical tone!

musical lower thirds


Make your YouTube channel stand out and stay in tune with your brand with the help of these awesome animated lower third templates! They’ll enable you to add more information to your videos in a fun and professional-looking way.

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