Top 50 Apple Keynote Templates of 2018

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Build a presentation that’s as impressive as your ideas

Default Apple Keynote templates may be enough to impress your peers as part of an internal presentation, but getting customers to take you seriously requires something more.

Keynote is the most popular alternative to the widely adopted PowerPoint by Microsoft. It comes bundled with any Mac computer, so you can start building amazing presentations the moment you boot it up! Although as an app it includes everything you need to create stunning presentations, you can always go one step further and use a template to make your presentation really stand out. All our assets are created by incredibly talented graphic designers all over the world!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Keynote templates you can purchase today.

Trending Apple Keynote Templates in January 2018

These assets got a lot of attention in a short span of time, which propelled them straight to the “trending item” status. If you’re looking for items that are really unique, this is the section for you!

Clear, with a metro-style masonry grid layout, this template will help get your message across quickly, but most of all – in style.

Modern Solution comes with 12 main categories of slides: Opening Slides, Time lines, Devices, Portfolio & Infographic Slides, Illustrations, Event & Calendar Slides, Pricing Tables, Carts and last but not least Editable maps.

A fresh and well-balanced deck, with ample white space, good use of iconography and key visuals. This one is another great template that makes building boring presentations a pleasure!

Porter is a beautiful sans-serif font that comes in three weights and matching italics. While it’s extremely sleek and modern, the roundness of some characters and even proportions of each letter make it feel simple and friendly. 

40+ Slides, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Fully Customizable and with a few great color variations, Boom Doo Creative Keynote Template is stylish, but also easy to use.

While Photography takes center-stage here, it certainly doesn’t feel overpowering, allowing for a great balance of visual and textual content.

Really refreshing use of teal as the main color for accents and layout elements. The overall nature theme made this one stand out immediately.

Porter is a beautiful sans-serif font that comes in three weights and matching italics. While it’s extremely sleek and modern, the roundness of some characters and even proportions of each letter make it feel simple and friendly. 

A dark and elegant design, with multi-slide timelines, well-spaced elements and well over 100 unique slides, you can be sure that Cento is one asset you need to add to your toolkit.

Incredibly skilled use of custom illustrations and elegant transition animations. BONUS: Comes with 500+ easy editable font icons kit. We know you love icons!

Bestselling Keynote Templates this month

A great template bundle, that comes with 10 super versatile Keynote Templates for any project you have in mind. This one’s a steal!

There’s a good reason why this one made it both on the best selling list, as well as the trending items one. Check out the previews, and you’ll immediately know why.

Beautiful minimal Keynote Presentation Template, with highlights such as well balanced layouts, soft shadows, rounded corners and synergistic color palettes.

This bundle contains two excellent business-focused designs, one for business plans, the other for amazing business reports. Best of all? They can be used together, or for totally different businesses all the same.

Another template that made it both on our Best Selling and Trending items lists, and that for good reason! Pretty sure the elegant typographic highlights and image masks may have had something to do with that…

Most Popular Keynote Templates on Envato Elements

As part of your Envato Elements subscription, you get access to some pretty sweet design assets. Among those, you’ll find some pretty incredible Apple Keynote Templates as well! Check out some of the most popular ones you can download today:  

Fashion Keynote Template is professional, fresh and clean Keynote Template. Ideal for fashion businesses or any presentations based on daily creative projects. Each page features unique layouts with strong, contemporary typography. 

This product will help you to attract your audiences to hear your stories and ideas. Then turns your ideas into real projects. Also helps your audiences and investors to know what benefits they will get.

Creative and Minimalist Presentation, perfect for any personal or corporate/company project. You can easily edit this presentation, as 100% of its shapes are customizable, with no quality loss.

Best Selling Keynote Templates from 2017

These templates have been at the top of the “Best Selling” list for a while now, and that for good reason! If the above options are not exactly what you’re looking for, one of these templates is sure to have the versatility to fit your specific purpose. Let’s dive in!

That’s a lot of Keynote templates, but if you’re still looking for more, head to our marketplace or check out the Keynote library on Envato Elements

If Keynote isn’t your presentation software of choice, we also have a dedicated roundup of the best PowerPoint templates!


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