Are Your WordPress Plugins Putting Your Website at Risk?

To some degree, the world of WordPress plugins is a bit like the old wild west. The open source platform means that anyone can write plugins to extend functionality. At its best, plugin authors create useful tools to help us build highly-functional websites for very little cost. The other side of the coin is that plugins containing security holes and even malicious code can put us at risk.

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The Essentials of Crafting a Killer “Contact” Page on WordPress

So it’s a wasted opportunity when sites throw up contact information as a quick afterthought. Really, you should be putting a lot more time and thought into what you publish because for many businesses, your Contact page is the beginning of your relationship with potential customers or clients.

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How A Book Apart Became an Iconic Publisher in the Design Industry

A Book Apart is a publisher of design-related books, co-founded by designer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Zeldman (the creator of A List Apart). A Book Apart is recognized for their focus on quality, clarity, and brevity. Even if you haven’t read a book from the A Book Apart collection before, you’d probably recognize the design: simple fonts, solid-colored covers, clean designs.

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