Top 50 Apple Keynote Templates of 2018

Build a presentation that's as impressive as your ideas Default Apple Keynote templates may be enough to impress your peers as part of an internal presentation, but getting customers to take you seriously requires something more.Keynote is the most popular alternative to the widely adopted PowerPoint by Microsoft. It comes bundled with any Mac computer, [...]

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Ways to Launch Your Website Quickly, Without Sacrificing Quality

As a web designer, when I ask clients about their timeline for launching their new website, the usual response is: “As soon as possible.” This makes perfect sense as every business wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to their website. But there are often challenges in taking a website from concept to finished product in short order.

Live a Digital Nomad Lifestyle with These Tools

The term “digital nomad” gets thrown around a lot as the ideal for making money doing what you love, in a way that makes you location independent. Severing your connection to physical locations and time zones enables you to make world travel more than just a once-in-awhile vacation plan. As a digital nomad, you can bring your work just about anywhere you please, jumping from country to country as often as you’d like.

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The Anatomy of a Successful WordPress Blog Post

Recently, a friend asked me about my blog writing process. She wanted to know how I come up with ideas, plan posts, structure content and actually get on with the task of writing. Essentially, she wanted to know my secret formula. I do, in fact, have a formula. I would describe it as more of [...]

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Top InDesign Templates to Showcase Your Ebook

Professional presentation matters, especially on the Ebook scene. Whatever your topic, these templates bring clean design and structure to your text. When using a template, it’s as simple as plugging your text into whatever page layout you choose. Have a specific color scheme in mind, or photos and graphics to add? You’ll love the easy customization of these Adobe InDesign templates.

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How A Book Apart Became an Iconic Publisher in the Design Industry

A Book Apart is a publisher of design-related books, co-founded by designer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Zeldman (the creator of A List Apart). A Book Apart is recognized for their focus on quality, clarity, and brevity. Even if you haven’t read a book from the A Book Apart collection before, you’d probably recognize the design: simple fonts, solid-colored covers, clean designs.

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