Live a Digital Nomad Lifestyle with These Tools

The term “digital nomad” gets thrown around a lot as the ideal for making money doing what you love, in a way that makes you location independent. Severing your connection to physical locations and time zones enables you to make world travel more than just a once-in-awhile vacation plan. As a digital nomad, you can bring your work just about anywhere you please, jumping from country to country as often as you’d like.

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Cool Ways Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Are Being Used with WordPress

It’s been eight years since Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital currency, was first invented. While it’s still rare to see websites that accept Bitcoin payments, the fact is that 1.5% of Americans have used it or are currently using Bitcoin – that’s 4.8 million people. Interestingly, while many developers have created plugins for accepting [...]

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The Anatomy of a Successful WordPress Blog Post

Recently, a friend asked me about my blog writing process. She wanted to know how I come up with ideas, plan posts, structure content and actually get on with the task of writing. Essentially, she wanted to know my secret formula. I do, in fact, have a formula. I would describe it as more of [...]

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Top InDesign Templates to Showcase Your Ebook

Professional presentation matters, especially on the Ebook scene. Whatever your topic, these templates bring clean design and structure to your text. When using a template, it’s as simple as plugging your text into whatever page layout you choose. Have a specific color scheme in mind, or photos and graphics to add? You’ll love the easy customization of these Adobe InDesign templates.

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What is Keyword Research?

There is no SEO without keyword research. Whether it’s for changing a title or writing the copy for your entire website, if keyword research is not on your top priorities, it’s certain that you’ll fail to achieve your goals. (Unless your goals are to fail at getting organic traffic, in which case, you will succeed…)

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